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It is safe to say that you are hoping to lease a house or a manor in Ibiza? For two or three, a family or a gathering of friends? Looking for that exceptional air? A place that consolidates the memory of yesterday and the solace of today? At Accommodation Ibiza you will discover it.

Accommodation Ibiza is a small travel agency that is operated personally which is situated in Ibiza. We are a reliable authority in the rental of holiday villas and flats in Ibiza.

Our story
Alessandro Meza established accommodation Ibiza. We examine all of our vacation homes and ensure that they stay in top notch condition. We prioritise historic properties with a great climate, appeal and character.

In 1996 we began our organization with a villa in Ibiza, from that point forward the number of properties we have been putting forth has expanded impressively. With 20 years of professional involvement in holiday property lettings behind us, we are presently ready to offer more than 200 rentals in Ibiza. We are representatives of significant collections of various exclusive private homes, romantic apartments, beautiful villas. The locations of these properties are unmatched because they are located in amazing regions in Ibiza.
Why us?
We are authentic: Reviews of most of the homes in our portfolio are unique. Accordingly, our visitors can appreciate the bona fide Spanish life and can enjoy the climate of genuine Spanish hospitality that is homely.

We give unique lodging: We realize that lovely stylistic theme and comfortable furniture are essential in creating an unforgettable holiday. Our focus is on comfortably and elegantly designed interiors in agreement with the property’s authentic appeal and individual personality.

Accommodation Ibiza holiday blends beautiful hand-picked properties in fantastic locations with a specialist assistance and support from the locals. Our guests can benefit from our offices situated overseas and representatives who are always happy to help with any questions and concerns, as they are not only very passionate about the countries they represent but also speak the language, understand the local customs deeply and work in close cooperation with property owners and house managers.

We work intimately with our visitors: Working with a little staff makes us adaptable and quick. We inform and ask for your opinion all through the way of selecting a home keeping in mind the end goal of making the correct decision. We respect each question asked, whether it is about a specific house, the area or location in which you are intrigued, or any of the numerous different services that we can give, and provide promptly straightforward, well-informed answers.
Accommodation Ibiza and the owners of estate provide variety of services from which you can choose: These services and their cost differ from one home to the other. For instance at many villas we can arrange for an arrival dinner after a long trip, we can fill the larder with the initial shopping items, a cook can prepare lunches and dinners for you, extra cleaning help can be provided, as well as other services such as car rentals, museum ticket reservations and much more. We are very confident that this service is the fundamental reason why so much of our business comes from returning customers and their friends.

We provide financial protection for your peace of mind: In the event of the insolvency of the agency, the customer’s payments are protected under the legal requirements of the European Community.